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Intrigue yourself with the glimpse of the spirit-India with the concept of holistic lifestyle and well being. Our health and wellness programmes offer a true experience of healing of your mind, body and soul. A wholesome package of healing the soul, rejuvenating mind and wellness of health is in our well oriented wellness itineraries. Enjoy being in the holiness of Himalayas experiencing the retreat amongst the best of mountain spas or experience the famous traditional Aurvedic retreats of backwaters in Kerala. Intrigue yourself by the glimpses of the spirit India. The concept of holistic lifestyle and well being in our health and wellness programmes offers a true experience of healing the soul, body and mind. The wholesome package whether into the holiness of Himalayas in the best of spas or doing yoga in ashrams of Rishikesh or down to the backwaters of Kerala for the intrinsic experience of world or Ayurvedic treatment or massage healing, Jeevan offers it all.
Healing Jeevan with it’s expertise and wisdom while involving into the inner cores of one’s comfort and tranquility away from the mechanism of city lives has produced wonders for the family of guests over the years through its rejuvenating trips with yoga, meditation, massages and moreover in the close vicinity of the best healers – Nature India. The theory of Ayurveda is a balance between spiritualism and meditation. Holistic approach to life is Jeevan India’s essence. Through our wellness initiatives, Ayurveda and Yoga are introduced which teach how to live in a true, disciplined and natural balanced way. Collaborate with us to stretch our Ayurveda and Wellness travel envelope to accommodate your inspirations and aspirations.

De-stressing and rejuvenating one’s energies is more than a desire and while thinking of an old dream to travel India, our intimate Ayurveda healing Jeevan – India treatments will make you experience, the holiness spread out vividly,moreover the experience of bringing the inner joy and happiness to the crust of one’s being. To cure your health problems or the inner desire to be back in the composed aura of well being and taking a break from the routine life, a change to the outlook of life or rather enhancing life. Complete relaxing times in natural surroundings and herbal and natural treatments by knowledgeable doctors/practitioners of Ayurveda is the answer or remedy. One of our theme suggested for soul experience and a deep impression on your lively self. To make a relationship with yourself on your journey is our objective.

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