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Specialty Tours to India: Cultural, Spiritual, & Wildlife Indian Tours

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Falling in love with India’s rich heritage and diverse culture could be a script rewritten by one’s journey alongside different masks of India. A visit to a historic monument or to huge cliff top forts could be so different from the religious chantings in incense ascented temples. While strolling down the Ghats of Varanasi to the mesmerizing twenty four hour live religious music amidst the periphery of the Golden Temple is altogether an enthralling and enriching experience of the soul. A complete harmony and peace of mind you will experience with our thoughtful insights in our well planned JHA itineraries. Our Heritage and Culture travel itineraries would be an ideal way of exploring and discovering India. The people, amazing colours just like an overview of Drying Red Chillies in an open field in Rajasthan to colourfully clad Rajasthani woman.
Detailed artwork, incredible history, historic buildings, hypnotic music, delicious food, wealth of intrinsic miniature paintings apparently adds on to what we have been imagining back home while listening and seeing famed TV travel documentaries.This is the Jeevan India of imagination we accumulate to your likings. We want you to experience the divinity in its lovely people, magnificent history and all its diversity as it’s true essence with our signature Jeevan Himalayas-Heritage and Culture Travel. Villages and small towns are the heart of India, inhabitant of 70% of it’s population. Vibrant modern cities and ancient villages alike are chockablock with festivals, ornate gold studded temples and daily life commerce in open markets. Amazingly Festive India is a land of celebration with festival holidays of all kinds for almost one-third of the year.

To ‘live’ India is to be part of this intensity for which our Culture and Heritage itineraries make it an objective for an unforgettable experience. Few countries offer this delight for the eyes in the expansive geographic and social diversity, India offers. You will be exploring dazzling collection of settings. Being part of the faith loving worshippers and mesmerizing rituals at the temples, to kite-flying youth on roof tops, to artisans making jewellery, visit along the holy rivers or visit to village schools or various community development programmes, are well designed for your convenience and interests. A holidaying with learning aspect as its core is our objective.

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