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Sun, Sand & Sea

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The golden sands on the water drenched sea shores, every beach in India makes a picture perfect travel destination. Sea worshippers and wellness enthusiasts, the desires get fulfilled by the vast sea shore belt of India. You do not require an excuse in fun and adventure activities, beach is a place for total relaxing. The seductive coastline from the diversity of Kerala to amazing Goa is sprinkled with excitement. Not to forget beautiful Andaman and Nicobar islands. Get soaked up in the sun a little with us and our activities. Exploring and relaxing alongside India’s sea shore also provides the luxury. Over the years, pristine magical beaches of Goa and Kerala have gained worldwide fame. Truly tagged as “God Own Country” – Kerala and Portugese Goa, both offer the best of hospitality and rejuvenating relaxing times at some of the most amazing beach resorts. In our itineraries we make it a highlight of Kerala for staying in the sailing houseboat shaped like a Kettuvalam (Rice Barge). Reclining on cushions as you sail slowly through the serene canals lined with coconut trees, eating
thoughtfully prepared food, meeting local fishermen, visiting villages and glued to the galaxy of stars is an activity in pure indulgence and an experience you will never forget. Goa, which still maintains touches of Portuguese culture truly adds on to the colour of this vibrant part of India.Goans display an easy going tropical indulgence, humour and civility. Beautiful tropical landscapes provide the opportunity and walks for the adventure minds too. Whitewashed churches, paddy fields, palm groves and crumbling forts make up the Goan landscape. Indulge yourself in lively open – air beach markets, colourful affairs in festivals and feasts throughout the year which adds on to fun of party lovers. A long lasting impression of just ‘being’ away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. We can take you to the slowly getting discovered tropical islands of Andaman and Nicobar islands with unique fauna, lush forests, white sandy beaches and exquisite coral. A ‘paradise undiscovered’ provides you with plenty of opportunities to simply relax or get physical by hiking or snorkeling. An

exclusive ideal destination for your honeymoon too. Some of the islands are still inhabited by tribes. Untouched beaches,total solitude,harmonious surroundings and well being is what this whole exclusive trip to the islands makes you encounter very directly and equisitically. Moreover very few places on this planet remain untouched by the commercialism and modern intrusions. Our trip will provide you the complete calmness and peace of mind. You can combine the healing touches of Ayurvedic therapies and massages as you lie down on the pristine sandy beaches. Rejuvenate yourself and make your stay a delightful mixture of discovery, relaxation, luxury and simplicity. We propose you this entire in one theme.

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