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Himalayas – “Abode of snow”. The adventurous instincts in each of us come alive in the close vicinity of the holy air or energy surrounding the beautiful majestic mountain range. Our specialized adventure trips into the mountains will give this feel of unforgettable impressions to carry within your deeper selves. Explore this immense play of nature while trekking, easy walks, jeep safaris, mountain biking or rafting. Sensing and pushing ones adrenalin for a high with the breath taking views and learning about the uniqueness in its local cultures and beautiful people varying from one region to another is an uttermost adventure for your observing mind. Enjoy The Adventure Of Being Alive. Jeevan Himalayas being pioneer in the mountainous regions of majestic Himalayas with our efficient network and well planned activities will certainly give an everlasting impression on your mind and soul. Our wide span of experience of over one and a half decade and our intensity to explore the Himalayas every time with you in turn is as a holy journey to our inner spiritual self. A charming journey, spell bound with adventures, hikers, naturists, mountaineers, pilgrims and spiritual seekers. Each of them being pulled towards these seamless boundaries of nature or heights. A silent, peaceful magnetic attraction to wander within themselves for something more than their day to day life could give them. From the ancient times, Himalayas has been the home of sages, deep mysticism and source of religiousness on this planet. Ages old religions have their sacred places hidden high and aloof. Every year these places witness a sea of life and celebrations in the form of pilgrimage done by the devotees towards
their deities. The sheer union or companionship of people and nature is a significant aspect of Holy Himalayas. Truly said “The real temples of the souls” are the Himalayas. To know the real nature of the God is to ‘be’ with Nature. Jeevan Himalayas Adventures, with our travel itineraries takes you to these off beat destinations, to the likes of Zanskar valley, Nubra valley in Ladakh or magnificent Lahaul and Spiti valley, places still untouched by modern civilization. Our adventure, trekking activities take you to the lands of passes and festivals-Ladakh and in the background are the isolated massive water bodies in the form of brackish lakes which is a delight undiscovered. A jeep safari to the lake Tsomoriri in Ladakh or discovering Lahaul and Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh alongside trekking in the holiness of pilgrimage trails in the versatile Tibetan Refugee-Dharamshala or the hike to the valley of flowers in the Uttaranchal state of India. White water rafting in the famous Indian river of Ganges adds on to this adventure. There are numerous avenues which provide the leisure to participate in the rich natural wealth of the Himalayas. Following Himalayas towards the north eastern part of India are the states of Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal and the country of Bhutan. Slowly being discovered by adventure enthusiasts is the remoteness of this whole region. Our wide experience and thoughtfulness with our JHA itineraries will make you glimpse and feel the fusion of beauty, serenity and rich heritage of this region. Sikkim: The Land of world’s third highest peak-Kanchenjunga is indeed a trekker’s paradise. Culturally, the impact of Tibetan Buddhism can be felt in its awe-struck cliff top monasteries.

Assam: Walking through lush green beautifully laden tea gardens, being a part or watching the art of plucking tea leaves and surely savoring a cup of the finest tea in the world, venturing into the Himalayan state of Assam provides you with the complete wilderness and wholesome royalty. Ladakh: For our Holy Adventure theme-Himalayas. We have made above our special mention about the broken moonland-Ladakh. Bhutan: ‘Land of thunder dragon’-The country of Bhutan, indeed a fascinating and an exemplary country for the companionship of immense nature and its lovely smiling people. Infact, the direction of visionary youthfulness is the present King of Bhutan who introduced an innovative concept of GNH or Gross National Happiness with its developmental goals in keeping the balance between economic promotion and self reliability. To promote a policy of high value tourism with less negative effects of mass tourism, each foreign visitor has to shed a minimum of $250 per day from which the authorities make into use $85 to fund free education, health and infrastructural development. Culturally this scarcely populated Himalayan kingdom is closer to Tibetan Budhism. Our hand crafted initiatives at JHA will make you experience all aspects of life, the people, there culture and the astounding landscapes. To visit this magnificent country is a gain of vision to be shared for a lifestyle, living in harmony with our surroundings-whether it is the people or the fragile ecology. Bhutan, a rich lifetime experience-again in the laps of the Holy Himalayas.

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