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Specialty Tours to India: Cultural, Spiritual, & Wildlife Indian Tours

Wildlife & Nature Travel

The most thrilling and intense way of discovering India is through its diverse natural resources. The heavenly play of nature and wildlife in its isolation on the higher reaches of the Himalayas is markedly different when compared in the lowlands of India. The “Real India” – the densely populated central India – is where nature and humanity are locked in competition for land and livelihood. The Save Tiger Campaign is a good example of this man-animal fight for existence. India is one of the twelve so-called megadiversity countries which together account for up to 70 percent of the world’s biodiversity. It is the only country which is home to both lions and tigers. Wildlife sanctuaries have existed from ancient times in India to the delight of the Maharajas and their pastime: hunting. They were always assured glimpses of tigers,...

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Holiness & Adventure Theme

Himalayas — “The Abode of snow” — awaken the adventurous instincts in each of us as we absorb the holy air and energy surrounding the beautiful majestic mountain range. Our specialized adventure trips into the mountains will give you this feel of unforgettable sensations to carry within your deeper selves forever. Explore this immense joy of nature while trekking, easy walks, jeep safaris, mountain biking or rafting. Sensing and pushing ones adrenalin for a high with the breath taking views and learning about the uniqueness in its local cultures and beautiful people varying from one region to another is an uttermost adventure for your observing mind. Himalayas Holiness and Adventure – The Broken Moonland – Ladakh 14 days Himalayas Holiness and Adventure – Rishikesh and Valley of Flowers 11 days Himalayas Holiness and Adventure – Bhutan: Nature and Spirit...

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Heritage & Culture Travel

Falling in love with India’s rich heritage and diverse culture could be a script rewritten by one’s journey alongside different aspects of India. A visit to a historic monument or to huge cliff-top forts is so different from the religious chanting in incense-scented temples. While strolling down the Ghats of Varanasi to the mesmerizing twenty four hour live religious music amidst the periphery of the Golden Temple, this is altogether an enthralling and enriching experience of the soul. You will experience complete harmony and peace of mind with our thoughtful insights on our well-planned JHA itineraries. Our Heritage and Culture travel itineraries are an ideal way of exploring and discovering India. The people, amazing colours just like an overview of Drying Red Chillies in an open field in Rajasthan to colourfully clad Rajasthani woman. Sacred Golden Temple and Royal...

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